Our System

The Grupo SURA Ethics Line is the means to report behaviors that go against our principles, internal policies or the regulations applicable to our company. Complaints are treated with absolute reserve and confidentiality, guaranteeing the protection of the complainants against any act of retaliation.

Similarly, the Ethics Line has an option for submitting queries, which will be addressed by the Compliance Department.

The system is operated by EthicsGlobal, an independent third party and specialist in handling complaints and inquiries.

The channel is available to receive complaints or inquiries submitted by employees, suppliers, clients or anyone who knows about company actions that may constitute a breach of our rules. Complaints can be directed against employees, board members, suppliers or people related to Grupo SURA.

All complaints or inquiries are investigated according to previously established internal procedures, which guarantee the impartiality of the investigation, preventing possible conflicts of interest in the management of cases. The results of the investigation are communicated to the informants.

You can provide your name and contact information, but it is not necessary to identify yourself and you can do so anonymously. The system has the option to follow up on your complaint or query through the filing number that will be assigned to you.

What can I report or consult through the Ethics Line?

  • Fraud
  • Corruption
  • Bribes
  • Conflict of interest between clients, suppliers or collaborators
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Financial fraud
  • Affection of personal data
  • Misuse of confidential information
  • Sexual harassment
  • Alteration of documents
  • Situations that put safety or health at risk at work
  • Situations that damage or endanger the environment